Aquatic Rescue and Search Salvage

The complex and changeable underwater environment and the physiological structure of human beings bring a lot of inconvenience to the exploration and development of the underwater world to a certain extent. The emergence and development of underwater robots can solve these problems.  

The advantages of underwater vehicles in the field of underwater pipeline inspection

Risk reduction

Underwater vehicles are able to replace people to enter the complex and changeable underwater environment and ensure the safety of people.


Replacing divers with underwater vehicles can significantly reduce the cost in time and money.

Raise efficiency

Underwater robots can operate continuously without rest, greatly increasing inspection efficiency.

stable and reliable

SeaRobotix underwater robot has been developed and used over a long period of time for stability, convenience and reliability.

Application Examples

Emergency rescue | AOHI Underwater Vehicles assist with underwater search and rescue work

In June 2019, the Chunan Emergency Fire Brigade carried out emergency rescue work, and AOHI Underwater Vehicles deployed several FindROV series underwater robots to assist with underwater search and rescue work.

The FindROV can be deployed independently, rapid response, unlimited endurance features greatly enhance the efficiency of water rescue, equipped with image sonar, grippers and other tools to enrich the means of underwater rescue, has won unanimous praise.

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消防演练 | 鳌海水下机器人水域协同作业


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院士点赞 | 鳌海水下机器人模拟回收北极OBS地震仪

2021年4月,鳌海水下机器人模拟回收北极OBS地震仪,经过鳌海技术人员的简短介绍之后,自然资源部海洋二所所长李家彪院士亲自操作鳌海 FindROV 水下机器人,仅十余分钟时间内,便使用机械手夹住浮球系绳并操控至指定位置,由科研人员回收至甲板,顺利完成回收作业演练。


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搜查打捞 | 鳌海水下机器人搜查打捞遗失水下设备


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