B30 Depth Sensor

High pressure, high-resolution

The B30 Depth Sensor is a high-pressure, high-resolution pressure sensor that is sealed from the water and ready to install in a watertight enclosure on your ROV or AUV. With 0.2 mbar resolution, it has an amazing depth measurement resolution of 2mm in the water column!


Excellent choice for underwater vehicle

300m depth

Absolute accuracy

Hermetically sealed


* Data measured in the laboratory may be affected in different environments

Easy to install, quick integration

Excellent choice for underwater vehicle!

Simple and easy to operate

suitable for most underwater airtight cabins

Make underwater perception easier!

Underwater exploration, immediately launched

It is waterproof and ready to install, making it an ideal choice for ROVs, AUVs,

remote sensors, and underwater instrumentation.


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