BlueROV2 Heavy

Very popular open source underwater robot

BlueROV2 is a popular open-source underwater robot that has had thousands of sets sold around the world, known as the first of the world's "top ten educational underwater robots"!


Explore a new era underwater

Bluerov2 is one of the most popular underwater educational drones on the market

Simple product design, powerful performance, and extremely low selling prices are helping more and more people explore the ocean!

3 Knots

3 konts ( 1.5 m/s ) Ability to counter the flow

Automatic set+ Automatic depth set

Automatic auxiliary operating system

300 M

Aaximum depth

* Data measured by the laboratory may be affected in different environments

Operating capacity of up to 300 meters deep

The BlueROV2 is rated to a depth of 100 meters (330 ft).It can be upgraded to 300 meters, basically covering all commonly used water depth fields. It can be easily controlled in scientific research, exploration and underwater archaeology!

Light up the underwater world

The BlueROV2 series comes standard with a 3,000 lumens LED underwater lighting system, and supports substantial expansion to give you a clearer underwater world!

Open source PC software

Open-source epistasis software can easily manipulate the BlueROV2 via the QGC epistasis software. The open-source QGC application acts as the user interface, providing the live video stream, sensor feedback and information, and the ability to change settings and configuration.

* Support for independent design

Strong carry ability

Open modular frame structure design, with strong scalability and carrying capability. This simple design is stable and easy to expand, and can easily carry the manipulator, sonar and other plus accessories.

* Available accessories can refer to the detailed description below

Polar ice under the expedition

Powerful industrial-level design is easy to explore under the ice.It can be equipped with pH, dissolved oxygen or special sensors specially designed by scientists to quickly collect under-ice data and obtain first-hand information on polar exploration!

Underwater exploration, immediately launched

BlueROV2 may be the best small educational open source underwater robot to date!


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