A125 Doppler Velocimeter

The world's smallest remote DVL, ideal for ROV/USV/AUV!

DVL A125 is by far the smallest long-range Doppler velocimeter in the world.

DVL A125 is building a new market standard with its high-performance, ultra-small 4-beam configuration, open API interface protocols, and low-cost.


Assist in underwater velocity measurement & position navigation

Open API interface protocol

Ultra high precision

Low cost

Ultra small volume

DVL Work principle

The rationale is for the Doppler frequency shift

Support network interface/ Ethernet communication

Open API interface protocol

Seamless integration with FindROV

Software algorithms are constantly being updated

Seamless integration with BlueROV

Software algorithms are constantly being updated

Simple and easy-to-use GUI user interface

You can use a standard web browser to update the orientation and path in real time

Rich functions and easy to use

It can display the height and speed direction of DVL from the bottom in real time

ROV positioning mode can be realized

Opening the positioning mode greatly improves the anti current ability of ROV

High precision underwater positioning can be achieved

The long-term positioning accuracy of the standard version can reach ± 1.01%, while that of the performance version can even reach ± 0.1%

Easy installation and rapid integration

With compact size, easy to install, easy integration, the DVL A125 is ideal for ROV/ U S V/AUV!

Speed measurement positioning, immediately expand

The DVL A125 is perfect for small and medium-sized underwater ROV, USV, and AUV devices that require professional navigation functions. Auxiliary functions such as position keeping can be achieved by integrating them on small and medium-sized underwater robotic systems such as BlueROV/ FindROV.


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