High-performance and low-cost underwater power equipment accessories

Esc30c is an electronic governor specially designed for underwater thrusters (three-phase brushless motors, such as T200). Combined with T200, it can form a high-performance underwater power combination, which is the preferred product for many underwater robots!


Customized for underwater propellers to release surging power!


Low Heating

Compact shape

Bidirectional speed regulation

* Data measured by the laboratory may be affected in different environments

Description of esc30c bidirectional electric regulating lead

Standardized interface design

Open source firmware design based on BLHeil

BLHeil bidirectional speed regulation firmware has been preset internally

Easy to use, fast integration

High-performance underwater power combination: ESC30C +T200, has sold more than 100,000 units worldwide, integrated into hundreds of kinds of underwater robots!

Underwater exploration, immediately launched

Combining the T200 creates a high-performance underwater power combination to help power the FindROV/BlueROV!


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