Hydraulic facilities

Underwater environments and human physiology are to some extent inconvenient for human exploration of the underwater world, and the emergence and development of underwater robots can solve these problems.

The advantages of underwater robots in the field of hydraulic facility inspection

Risk reduction

Underwater vehicles can replace personnel in complex and changing underwater environments to ensure their safety.

Cost savings

Underwater vehicles replace divers and can significantly reduce the cost in time and money.

Improving efficiency

Underwater vehicles can operate continuously without rest, greatly increasing inspection efficiency.

Stable and reliable

The SeaRobotix underwater vehicle has been developed and used over a long period of time for stability, convenience and reliability.

Application examples


Safety inspection of dam gates by robot under the Aohai Sea

On 21 October 2020, Aohai Underwater Robotics was commissioned by the Zhejiang Water Conservancy and Estuarine Research Institute to carry out an underwater gate safety inspection of a dam at a gate in Shangyu, Shaoxing, using a Find series underwater robot.

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