High brightness and low cost are easy to integrate underwater lights

L1500 underwater lamp is a high brightness, low cost, easy to integrate underwater lamp. Easy to use, easy to integrate, illuminate the undersea world, make divers safer!


Open source design understands every product detail

PWM control


Camera light source 

Automatic over temperature compensation

Wide voltage supply

Special light transmission design

Water depth level of 300 m

Open source design

6200 Kelvin color temperature

3-48V PWM Logic Level

Maximum light exposure of 1,500 lumens

135 ° Underwater beam angle

*Data measured by the laboratory may be affected in different environments

International manufacturers Xlamp MK-R lamp beads

Regular channel original import quality guarantee!

Stepless dimming is up to 1500 lumens

The picture on the left shows underwater photos taken under different brightness

Automatic over temperature monitoring

Automatic over temperature monitoring to ensure safe use as much as possible.

Do not use the underwater lamp in the air for a long time

Single light version, double light version and four light version are available

The 1 / 2 / 4 lamp version only needs one control signal, and the multi-lamp synchronous linkage

Dual mode is optional, simple and easy to use

PWM dimming mode/switching mode to meet different control requirements!

Open source design, open information

Please go to the Searobotix website Lumen Underwater Light download page to download information

Easy to install, quick integration

Top choice for many underwater robots!

Underwater exploration, immediately launched

When FindROV / BlueROV and other devices install Lumen underwater lights, they can illuminate the underwater world and make the exploration safer and clearer.


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