Physical Parameter

Length457 mm
Width575 mm
Height254 mm
Weight in Air (with default Ballast and Blue Robotics Lithium-ion Battery)11 - 12 kg
Weight in Air (without Ballast or battery)10 - 11 kg
Net buoyancy(with default Ballast and Blue Robotics Lithium-ion Battery)0.2 kg
Net buoyancy(without Ballast or battery)1.4 kg
Payload Capacity (configuration dependent)1.0 kg (4x Lumens) ~ 1.2 kg (No Lumens)
Cable Penetrator Holes14 × 10 mm
ConstructionHDPE frame, aluminum flanges/end cap, and acrylic tubes
Main Tube (Electronics Enclosure)Blue Robotics 4 inch series w/ aluminum end caps
Battery TubeBlue Robotics 3 inch series w/ aluminum end caps
Buoyancy FoamBR3318 (rated to 244 meters )
Ballast Weight9x200 g stainless steel weights
Battery ConnectorXT90

Performance Parameter

Maximum Rated Depth100 m (可选 300 m )
Maximum Tested Depth (so far)130 m
Temperature Range0 - 30 ℃
Maximum Forward Speed3 knots ( 1.5 m/s )
Thruster Configurationthrusters × 8
- Vectored × 4
- Vertical × 4
Forward Bollard Thrust (45°)9 kgf
Vertical Bollard Thrust14 kgf
Lateral Bollard Thrust (45°)9 kgf


Diameter7.6 mm
Length25 - 300 m
Working Strength45 kgf
Breaking Strength160 kgf
Strength MemberKevlar with waterblock
Buoyancy in FreshwaterNeutral
Buoyancy in SaltwaterSlightly Positive
Conductors4 twisted pairs, 26 AWG


Brightness1500 lumens each with dimming control
Light Beam Angle135 degrees, with adjustable tilt


Field of View (Underwater)110 degrees (horizontal)
Light Sensitivity0.01 lux
Tilt Range+/- 90 degree camera tilt (180 total range)
Tilt ServoHitec HS - 5055 MG


Gyroscope3 轴 ( Pixhawk )
Accelerometer3 轴 ( Pixhawk )
Compass3 轴 ( Pixhawk )
Pressure/Depth and Temperature Sensor (external)B30 ( MS5837-30Bar )
Leak SensorLD04
GALVBlue Robotics PSM
Altimeter可扩展( P30


Nominal Capacity18 Ah
Cell Configuration4S6P
Nominal Voltage14.8 V
Full Voltage16.8 V
Battery Life (Normal Use)~2 hours w/ Blue Robotics Lithium-ion Battery
The batteries can be changed in about 30 seconds.

2D Drawing