Urban pipeline network and underwater pipeline inspection

Underwater complex and changing environment and human physiological structure to a certain extent for human exploration and development of submarine world has brought a lot of inconvenience, the emergence and development of underwater robots can solve these aspects of the problem.

The advantages of underwater vehicles in the field of underwater pipeline inspection

Risk reduction

Underwater vehicles are able to replace people to enter the complex and changeable underwater environment and ensure the safety of people.


Replacing divers with underwater vehicles can significantly reduce the cost in time and money.

Raise efficiency

Underwater robots can operate continuously without rest, greatly increasing inspection efficiency.

stable and reliable

SeaRobotix underwater robot has been developed and used over a long period of time for stability, convenience and reliability.

Application Examples

Oil pipeline inspection using BlueROV2 in the laboratory of the Department of Oceanography at Dalhousie University

The laboratory of the Department of Oceanography at Dalhousie University uses an underDOG based on the BlueROV2 modification for oil pipeline inspection. The underwater robot is equipped with three different fluorescent sensors specifically designed to detect crude oil in seawater in the hope of being able to more effectively monitor and respond to oil spills in the ocean.

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