Lumen Subsea Light

High brightness low cost easy to integrate underwater light

The Lumen Subsea Light with PWM servo signal control is a blindingly bright LED light for use on ROVs, AUVs, and other subsea lighting applications. It uses daisy-chainable to connect multiple lights from a single connection, and it is equipped with automatic, intelligent over-temperature compensation.

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Open source design Understanding the details of every product

PWM servo signal


The camera light

Over-temperature Compensation

Wide voltage supply

Special light-transmitting design

Pressure Rating

300 m

Open Source

5700 kelvin Color Temperature

3-48V PWM Logic Voltage

1500 lumens Maximum Brightness

135° Beam Angle

* Data measured in the laboratory may be affected in different environments

International manufacturer Xlamp MK-R beads

Imported from genuine sources, quality guaranteed!

Stepless dimming up to 1500 lumens

The image on the left is an underwater photo taken at different levels of brightness


自动过温监测 ,尽可能保证使用安全。

Do not use the underwater lamp in the air for a long time

Single lamp version, double lamp version and four lamp version of a variety of options

1/2/4 lamp version only need one control signal, multi - lamp synchronous linkage  

Dual mode optional easy to use

PWM dimming mode/switching mode, to meet different control needs!

开源设计 资料开放


Light up the underwater world

The first choice of many underwater vehicles!

Underwater exploration, immediately launched

FindROV / BlueROV and other devices can be fitted with Lumen underwater lights to illuminate the underwater world and make exploration safer and clearer.


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