LB18 Lithium Battery

Long lasting power battery with large capacity and current

The LB18 Lithium-ion Battery (14.8V, 18Ah) is a high capacity custom battery pack made from high quality 18650 lithium-ion cells designed for use in the FindROV, and fits perfectly inside a 3″ Watertight Enclosure!


A new era of underwater dynamics

High-capacity and high-quality

high tolerance for accidental mishandling

Including an anti-spark XT90 connector

CE (Conformité Européenne) certification

* Data measured by the laboratory may be affected in different environments

High capacity, heavy current, more lasting

Samsung INR 18650-30Q high end cell

Original import, quality assurance

Lb18 lithium battery pack interface

Charge, discharge and detection

Balance charging

Improve battery efficiency and service life!

Columnar arrangement

The Match design is just right, makes full use of space, and perfectly matches the No.3 underwater sealing cabin

The charging and discharging operation is simple and the installation is convenient

Top choice for many underwater vehicles!

Underwater exploration, immediately launched

Devices such as FindROV/BlueROV are equipped with LB18 power batteries, which can provide sufficient and lasting power for underwater robots!


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